Monday, October 31, 2011


Around 9:30 last night, something "hit" our patio door, near where I was sitting in my recliner.  Someone was running and laughing.  I got up to check it, of course, but couldn't see anything out the door — until I looked down and found this on my welcome mat:

The written sheet says:
You've Been Boo'd!

This treat is for you, we hope you enjoy!
The idea is simple, one we hope you empty!
You pass "Boo" along to two other neighbors, 
along with any kind of Halloween favors.
If we all do our part & spread the cheer,
by Halloween night it will be very clear:
We're a friendly bunch.  We like to have fun, 
so please do your part to keep "Boo" on the run!
Put the ghost on your door to show that you have been Boo'd!
In the little stash were a ghost named "Boo," a Halloween treat-sized bag full of boxed or wrapped candies, and Meow Mix treats!

I deduce (like a detective) that:  (1) whoever dunnit knows we go in and out the patio door rather than the "front" door onto the breezeway, (2) whoever dunnit knows my roommate Donna and I have cats (mine likes to venture onto the patio, but only occasionally), and (3) whoever dunnit seems to think we are likely to spread the fun to other neighbors.

My first thought was that one of my grandchildren had done it.  They know about the patio door and the cats, after all.  But the wording is "two other neighbors."  Therefore, my dear Watson, methinks it's a neighbor.  Or maybe it's the management, the same ones who threw a luau party and saw that I attended.

I don't know if, once we get started, we'll be able to stop at only two.  I'd like to do this for (to?) my children (and kids left at home) and for the married grandchildren (who each have a child — Raegan and Jaxon).  And I immediately thought of four neighbors I want to pass it along to — the one whose granddaughter is tutored weekly by Donna, the one who shared her wi-fi until we got connected after moving here, the one who let me borrow a broom on moving day, and the newest neighbor who knows a lifetime friend of mine.  And that's just in my wing of building five.

Good things are shared, so here's the deal:
PASS IT ON, friends, PASS IT ON.

Here's Raegan, standing on my toes and pulling herself forward.  This year she was a cupcake for Halloween.  A sweet, pink-frosted cupcake with a cherry on the top.

And when she turns the right way, you can see sprinkles on the white "whipped cream."


alisonwonderland said...

Someone(s) in my neighborhood has been starting something like this at the beginning of October for many years so that it makes its way around by Halloween. It's a fun and simple way to build community!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

This is a first for me, Alison. Do you take part in your community? I like the people here, and I plan to "boo" some neighbors in the morning, early.

Helen's Book Blog said...

That is so much fun, what a great place you have moved into. I love it when neighbors are friendly and inclusive