Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Do you know about BookCrossing?


Have you ever heard of BookCrossing?  The idea behind it is simple — label, share, follow.  In other words, read a book and pass it on to someone.  When we register the book, BookCrossing provides it with a special tracking number and a note explaining the concept.  We can print out labels with that information or buy packages of labels, if we prefer.  With the information provided, the next person will know what to do.

We can then release our little book traveler for a stranger to find in some public place, like a park bench, a bus seat, or a waiting room.  And we can track the book as it travels from person to person.  Books are out there, traveling all over the world using their very own BCID (BookCrossing ID) passports.

I "released" my first book into the wild in 2003, two decades ago!  Read about it on my blog, HERE

Sunday, I told you about 28 books that I got for $5.00.  I plan to give all of them away after I read them.  In my case, it's likely that all 28 books will eventually end up in the little library here at the Crown Center for Senior Living.  Since I no longer have a car, I'll leave a book in a public place, like the Circle@Crown Café or on the round table in the lobby of my building.  So who do you think is most likely to find it — a resident or a stranger?  It's theirs, so they can keep it, trade for another book at the used book store nearby, give it away, or donate it to our own Crown library.

P.S.  If you are a neighbor or live nearby, let me know if you want one of the books featured on Sunday and I'll "release it" in your presence after I've read it.  LOL.


Harvee said...

I tried using it once but then worried that the places I left the books, coffee shops, etc. might just pitch them into the garbage. Now I give books away to the library or senior centers.

Helen's Book Blog said...

I also did Book Crossings for a while back in the early 2000s. It was such fun to leave books in public places. Now I tend to leave them in hotel rooms.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, Helen. I like it.