Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Don't be absurd! But I'm a word nerd, and I wanna be absurd!

Absurd Words: A Kids' Fun and Hilarious Vocabulary Builder for Future Word Nerds ~ by Tara Lazar, 2022, children's nonfiction, 320 pages

Why use boring old words when you can expand and build your vocabulary and have fun doing it?  This engaging book about the power of words includes over 750 wondrous and wacky words.  When a kid wants to learn a new word, we often send them to the dictionary or a thesaurus.  But dictionaries only work if you know the exact word you want.  This dictionary-thesaurus hybrid is organized by theme and puts words in context with hilarious sentences and fun facts.

Word of the Day
ab·surd /əbˈsərd / adjective = ridiculous, wildly unreasonable, or illogical.  Example:  "What an absurd thing to say!"

Deb at Buzzfeed said this was one of the best 2022 nonfiction books she had read, so I put it on reserve at my library and got it last Thursday.

I wonder if it has "kick up your heels" in it.  I'd define that phrase to mean really enjoy yourself and have fun.  Example:  "Come to my party next weekend, and kick up your heels."
  Nope.  I looked at the index at the back of the book, and "kick up your heels" is not there.  Officially, it means to have a lively, enjoyable time.


Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

Cute! I think that would have been the perfect gift for me when I was little. Have fun going through it!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Maybe you should suggest that to the author for book two!

RealLifeReading said...

Looks like a fun book!