Monday, February 6, 2023

Wisdom from the book

Jacob the Baker: Gentle Wisdom for a Complicated World
 ~ by Noah benShea, 1989, collection of sayings, 113 pages, 10/10

I rated this book 10/10 and now want to share some of its wisdom from it.  I've found two different versions (covers shown above).  I find it curious that my book (on the left) has 35 more pages than the blue book on the right.  I can't explain the discrepancy.  These words may not be baked goods from Jacob the Baker, but they've given me food for thought and ideas to chew on.  (Sorry, but you know I like to play with words.)

Idiom of the Day
to chew on something = to think about something carefully for a long time.  Example:  "Jacob's wisdom gives us deep thoughts to chew on."
Quotes from the Book

"Wisdom does not make me full.  It fills me with hunger" (p. 13).

"The reason for religion is not reason" (p. 20).

Two men approached Jacob and asked him to decide which of them was wise.  "I know what is right," said the first man.  "I know what is wrong," said the other.  "Good," said Jacob.  "Together you make one wise man" (p. 26).

"When our hand is made into a fist, we cannot receive the gifts of life from ourselves, our friends, or our God" (p. 27).

"It is only a fool who has never felt like one" (p. 32).

"It is the silence between the notes that makes the music; it is the space between the bars that holds the tiger" (p. 41).

"We must remember," said Jacob, "the only difference between a house and a coffin is a door" (p. 58).
"We can't hear what's being said when our fingers are in our ears" (p. 65).

"What isn't said between people is also heard" (p. 78).

"We are all a reflection of the One Light.  We are all on a journey between destinations that do not exist.  We are each other.  To think otherwise is a case of mistaken identity" (p. 101).

"The part of that man that I did not like is also a reflection of me" (p. 102).

"Most of us find what we are looking for," said Jacob (p. 104).

"The moments we do not spend are not saved" (p. 107).

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