Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Exercise ~ yoga every day

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On Wednesday (last week means last year), I met with Risé to do floor exercises in Crown's fitness center.  We plan to continue getting together.  Yesterday (for the New Year), I added these five basic yoga poses to do daily in my apartment.  So far, so good  I managed one day!  Today's another day, and I'm determined to keep it up.

If I do it too late in the day (though NOT on a Sunday morning), I can imagine it ending like this:

Her first pose is Downward-Facing Dog (that's the way I've always heard it).  The second pose looks like a very stiff Cobra.  Then she does the plank, which takes a lot of strength in arms as well as core.  Hmm, what do we call her last pose? Best suggestion wins a laugh from me.

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Joy said...

Fun! Good luck on your yoga practice.