Saturday, November 20, 2010

Barefoot at Bonnie's ~ a cat's perspective

Bonnie was reading a book the other day called Barefoot in Baghdad, and that got me to thinking.  I go barefooted all the time, but it would never occur to me to write a book about it.  Maybe a single post, like this, but not a whole book.  Maybe people get cold feet in Baghdad, since you have no fur.  We cats get cold as well.  I have walked around in the snow and it's not fun.  The pads on my paws are thick, but snow is still wet and cold.  Brrrrrrr!  I'd rather stay inside and look at snow through the window.  This snow picture is from last winter.  We probably won't have snow again until January, though it's possible around here in November or December.

Kiki Cat, signing off
(I think I'll go hide under the covers and warm up, even if it isn't snowing.)

......... It's CATURDAY .........

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