Sunday, October 4, 2009

Question of the Week ~ about cannibalism

Suppose four shipwrecked sailors are stranded at sea in a lifeboat, without food or water. Would it be wrong for three of them to kill and eat the cabin boy, in order to save their own lives? Answer yes or no, and then tell us why, if you like.

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June said...

Yes. This would be, at best, a temporary solution...they would be committing murder for what? Another week? What then? Do they move on to each other? Draw straws? I'm not even sure that cannibalism would provide for the body's need for water anyway. Better they die together as comrades. Life as we know it is're going to die sometime. I wouldn't want to be the one survivor with blood on my hands.

It's on that basis that I say it's wrong. I've got no qualm about them eating human flesh if the flesh died naturally. The thought is repulsive, but...