Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alarming news

And I have .... a wired-together breastbone, which set off the alarms when I went to the Courthouse on Friday. My pockets were empty, so the woman scanning people who enter asked me, "Do you have on a belt?" I said, "No, but I've had heart surgery." I reached up to pull down the neck of my tee-shirt to show her the scar, but she was already waving me through. I was told by a nurse friend that the wire could possibly set off scanners at airports, in which case I should just show them the scar from my surgery. My "wiring" did set off alarms, surprising me (sort of), but mentioning the surgery also worked and I was ushered through.

Ah, the joys of being a bionic sort of person. Or better, in my case .... Ah, the joys of being held together with baling wire. (And you thought that only applied to Model-T Fords!)

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