Thursday, June 1, 2023

The only, lonely book of the week

Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living, Revised Edition ~ by John McQuiston II, 2011, spirituality, 120 pages, 9/10

This book is the work of an attorney with a busy commercial practice who searched for a truly balanced life and found the blueprint for it in a sixth-century text.  After discovering St. Benedict’s Rule, McQuiston interpreted and restated the ancient system of spiritual living, enabling today’s reader to understand and make use of its remarkable insights.

While strict adherence to the Rule may be possible only in a monastic setting, its bedrock, the ordering of each day, is accessible to everyone who seeks an orderly structure to their bustling professional and personal life.  The brief readings and meditations in this small book offer a bridge between a busy day and a moment of restorative and blessed silence.

My moving day is tomorrow, so I've been trying all week to be ready for that momentous day.  I'm not ready.  Not at all.  It feels like I'll never be ready — NEVER — but I have no choice.  So why am I sitting in the lobby, blogging?  I no longer have internet access in my apartment, so I came down to check my email.  I won't be hooked up in my NEW apartment until Saturday.  So here I sit in an empty lobby writing a blog post to update friends and followers.  I won't be back on for a few more days.

Oh, yeah, I got on the blog to say this tiny book is the only thing I've read this week.


Helen's Book Blog said...

I hope the move is going/went well. It's such a daunting process, I really don't enjoy packing and unpacking and I've done it far too many times since August (pack my stuff to move to my new condo; pack my daughter's stuff and move her to NY) and now we're packing up her apartment since she'll be somewhere new in August.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I moved into my new apartment yesterday, and this morning I'll get my wi-fi working again. I came to our Circle@Crown Café to get online and check email. Right now, it feels like I'll never find anything! A friend kept Clawdia while I was moving, so last night and this morning she's been exploring in and around all the boxes and things in the "wrong" place and wondering "what happened?" LOL.