Thursday, December 9, 2021

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2022

Marg of the Intrepid Reader blog is hosting the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge of 2022.  Here are the goals Marg suggested:
  • 20th Century Reader ~ 2 books
  • Victorian Reader ~ 5 books
  • Renaissance Reader ~ 10 books
  • Medieval ~ 15
  • Ancient History ~ 25 books
  • Prehistoric ~ 50+ books
I know I'll read a lot more than 50 books in a year's time, but it is not at all likely that they will all be historical fiction.  So I will aim lower and hope I guess fewer historical fiction than I actually read next year.  Let's see, maybe Renaissance Reader, with 10 books.  Yes, I'll read at least that many, and I think "Renaissance Reader" has a nice ring to it.  If you want to join us in reading some historical novels, click on the link in the first line.

Books I've completed:

1.  From the Dark We Rise ~ by Marion Kummerow, 2021, historical fiction, 281 pages, 7/10
2.  A Light in the Window ~ by Marion Kummerow, 2021, historical fiction, 280 pages, 6/10
3.  War Girl Lotte ~ by Marion Kummerow, 2017, historical fiction (Germany), 180 pages, 7/10
4.  West with Giraffes ~ by Linda Rutledge, 2021, historical fiction, 381 pages, 7/10
5.  The Titanic Sisters ~ by Patricia Falvey, 2021, historical fiction, 320 pages, 8/10
6.  Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre ~ by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Floyd Cooper, 2021, children's history (Oklahoma), 32 pages, 10/10
7.  Maus I: My Father Bleeds History ~ by Art Spiegelman, 1986, history (Poland/New York), 160 pages, 7/10
8.  The Lighthouse Sisters ~ by Gill Thompson, 2022, historical fiction, 439 pages, 10/10
9.  Where the Desert Meets the Sea ~ by Werner Sonne, translated by Steve Anderson, 2019, historical fiction (Israel), 258 pages, 8/10
10.  One Crazy Summer ~ by Rita Williams-Garcia, 2010, YA historical fiction (California), 240 pages, 9/10
11.  Last Train to Istanbul ~ by Ayse Kulin, 2002, historical fiction (France and Turkey), 417 pages, 4/10

Hey!  I slid right past my goal of ten books of historical fiction!  Yay, me!


Helen's Book Blog said...

I did this challenge this year, aiming for Renaissance, but managed to read a bit more, which feels good. I do love historical fiction.

Marg said...

Thanks for participating in the challenge this year Bonnie! I hope you enjoy it!

Joy said...

I just signed up for this challenge. And you're already making great progress!