Thursday, July 8, 2021

Things on my mind today

Beauty:  There are still a few daylilies growing behind the Crown Center.

Integrity:  When I went shopping for groceries on Monday, I was headed up this sidewalk to the greenway to walk home when my Schnucks bagger came running up to the fence.  She had failed to put two cans of cat food in my bags and had run (in the heat!) hoping to catch me.  She had me wait while she ran over to the other end of this long sidewalk and all the way up to where I stood waiting.

I wish I'd thought to snap a photo of her.  It was way too hot to be running, but how good of her to do it.

My dad's art project:  My dad made this trivet in high school in 1934.  I know because it has his name with that date on the back of it.  Looking at this picture, I can still "feel" the heft of this heavy thing.  I used it for many years.  Kelly, my brother's daughter, posted this photo on Facebook six years ago, when we had this conversation:

Kelly:  I've used this trivet a million times, not knowing it was made by my artist grandfather for his sweetheart, my grandmother. On the back it is engraved "Elmer Setliffe Oct 1934."

Bonnie:  Yes, I used it for years, probably during the 25 years Mom lived with me.  Did Mother give it to you?  It's definitely a solid thing that will last and last and last.  I'm glad you are excited about it. 

Kelly:  Aunt Bonnie, yes it is solid for sure, maybe almost a half inch thick.  It is in my Mom and Dad's kitchen.  As I said, I've seen it and used it a lot, but I didn't know until yesterday that he made it.  So sweet.
Bonnie:  They dated for four years before getting married in 1938.  He was only 16 in 1934, so they probably were not sweethearts when he was 15 or 16 years old (he was born in October of 1918).  That means, his mother probably was the first one to use it.

I guess I can't count, since October 1934 would have been exactly those four years they dated before getting married in October 1938.  So he may have made it for my mother.


Vicki said...

He did such a good job! It's neat that it's still used by his family members!

Helen's Book Blog said...

I love this story of the family trivet.