Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Library Loot ~ a TWOsday report

My latest home delivery of library books should have been last Thursday, but I didn't get my bag of books until noon yesterday, along with the meal deliveries.  Why?  Well, probably because last Thursday we were lined up to get our first vaccine, and that was the priority of the day.  Staff who deliver the book bags to our doors have been working only Monday through Friday, making this the first day back at work.  Anyway, here's what I have from the library right now.

First are a couple of children's books about the buddy bench that I wrote about at the end of February, then a couple more for children about the pack horse librarians who delivered books in the hills of Kentucky.  And I did order a couple of adult books, as well.
  1. Everybody Needs a Buddy
    ~ by James Preller, illustrated by Stephan Gilpin, 2019, chapter book
  2. The Buddy Bench ~ by Patty Brozo, illustrated by Mike Deas, 2019, children's picture book
  3. Down Cut Shin Creek: The Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky ~ by Kathi Appelt and Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer, 2001, children's history (ages 8-12)
  4. That Book Woman ~ by Heather Hensen, illustrated by David Small, 2008, children's fiction (ages 4-8)
  5. Dear Church: A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the U.S. ~ by Lenny Duncan, 2019, religion
  6. The Tyranny of Merit: What's Become of the Common Good? ~ by Michael J. Sandel, 2020, ethics
I still have the two books from the last home delivery, where I also mentioned ordering two of the children's books that I just received.
  1. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Why the Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter, and How They Changed America
     ~ by Jennifer E. Cobbina, 2019, sociology
  2. The One ~ by John Marrs, 2017, fiction
Can I read four adult books and four children's books in two-and-a-half weeks?  Maybe.  I intend to try, though I can renew some of them for another three weeks.


Helen's Book Blog said...

Hands Up: Don't Shoot looks like a really good one.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Helen, I wrote more about Hands Up: Don't Shoot a month ago. Here's the link: