Saturday, March 6, 2021

Take a break today

I saw a shirt that said:
2019 — avoid negative people
2020 — avoid positive people
2021 — avoid people
I had to think about each one of these.  NEGATIVE people bring down our spirits, and POSITIVE people are those who are positive for the Coronavirus.  But should we really avoid ALL people this year?  What does that mean to you?  I want to avoid people like the elderly man who saw me bringing my cat home from her vet visit and came closer to pet her.  I thought, "Oh, no, that's more like six INCHES from me than the six FEET we should stay apart."  So I told him I needed to take her on home and continued toward the elevator.

Whether or not you are avoiding people today, which of the things in the above illustration will you likely do — if any?  I'll read, for sure, and I plan to go for a walk outside.  I must admit that I daydream every day.

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