Monday, December 30, 2019

End of the year ~ a time to meditate

Clever idea for the new year (but starting TODAY).  In one of my clergy groups, someone lamented:  "Never tell the pastor anything important on Sunday!"  There are too many people and too many distractions to remember it all, even in small congregations.  If it's important (like a prayer request, hospitalization, upcoming event, need for a visit), give the pastor a written note.  Another pastor responded with a card she had made up (illustration above).  This is a great idea!  I told her:
"Thank you!  I'm retired now, but I typed up a slightly revised version of this and printed out a dozen to give it a try.  Living in a senior retirement center and making plans with lots of friends to get together or to do something for someone means I occasionally forget to jot it on my calendar.  I'll try this out today, as a matter of fact.  Looking forward to it."
What else do I plan for the coming year?
Barbara's cat Mindy
  • I'll write in my new Becoming journal.
  • I intend to do more with my music, like regularly practicing the piano and teaching Gail to play.
  • I'll miss the friends who died this year:  Evelyn, Barbara, and Sandy
  • I'll also miss their cats:  Mindy (Barbara's cat, who moved to Vermont), Sasha (Sandy's cat, who moved out of Donna's apartment this afternoon), and Patches (Evelyn's cat, who has never appeared on my blog before).
  • I'll exercise with our little group of friends on Friday afternoons, as we've been doing since April.
  • I'll continue to clear out the books in my apartment, keeping only the ones I'm likely to read or re-read in this lifetime.

One way I'll do this "book removal" project is by climbing Mt. TBR, the challenge to read the TBR (to-be-read) books already on my shelves.  My goal is to read at least 48 of them before the end of the year.

Now I need to finish these library books and get them out of my way, right?  Right.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I am also doing the Mount TBR challenge as my TBR shelves are full to capacity. Happy New Year Bonnie, I hope 2020 brings you friendship, good books, good health, and happiness.