Thursday, December 26, 2019

Cat pendant

Here's the Egyptian cat goddess Bast posed before a carving of the Rosetta stone, the one that allowed people to decode hieroglyphs.  On this last Fursday of the year, I want to tell you what I gave Donna for Christmas ... and why.  She's been taking care of Sasha for four months or so, while Sandy was in the hospital and then after Sandy died.  In a few days, Sasha will be moving in with another lady, but we don't know her.  So I thought Donna should have this little medallion with a cat on it.  I wrote this note for Donna.
Sasha 12-1-19
Sasha and I want you to have this special pendant so you will always remember her after she has to move away from you next week.  We smart cats remember when we were worshiped as deities in ancient Egypt, like my ancestor Bast on this piece of jewelry.  I want to pass it on to a worthy person, since somebody "fixed" me and I can never have a kitten to continue my line.  Sasha and I both love you because you’re a real cat person.  That's a compliment, you know, coming from two cats.
And I signed it, "Love always" because Sasha and I will both love Donna for always and forever.

Clawdia  >^..^<  'til next time

Oh, wait! I just noticed that "medallion" is really MEDAL LION without the space.  Yes!  I gave Donna a little lion medal.  (Also a metal lion.)

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Helen's Book Blog said...

A very sweet note and medallion. I am sure Donna will miss taking care of Sasha.