Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Two pets ~ on TWOsday

Louie entertains Sandy by doing things like trying on the "helmet" she hung inside his cage.  Sunday morning it snowed in St. Louis, and Sandy says Louie got all excited about seeing his first snowfall.  Her guess is that he thought a lot of white birds had flown into town.

I have one happy kitty here.  She's sitting on the red wrapping paper I took off a book I got for Christmas.  She stepped gently on it, gave me a searching look (like, is it okay?), and curled up on it when I told her she could have it.  I would unfold it better, except I'm afraid she'd take it as criticism and run away.  First, she groomed herself, but now she's simply sitting there, staring off toward the bookcase near the kitchen, very content, very sit-on-crinkly-paper happy.  Best Christmas gift ever!

I posted those words before I had a picture to share, saying I'd come back when I had enough light to photograph Clawdia.  So this was taken hours later, and she's been very happy sleeping and sitting on the paper all day Wednesday.  What a fun thing to have, this papery red thing!

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