Saturday, January 7, 2017

Caturday ~ communication skills

Someone asked Bonnie (I was listening to them talk):  "How do you know what she's saying?"

Humans are so limited in their understanding!  First, I get Bonnie's attention then *SHOW* her what she needs to do.
1.  If I go to the kitchen and sit at my empty bowl, she knows to feed me.

2.  If I jump up on the table beside the place Bonnie keeps my treats, she knows I want treats.

3.  If I run to the door, it means I'm anxiously awaiting our nightly ritual of taking a walk down the hall so I can explore what's going on.  I hear sounds from behind those closed doors, sounds like televisions, and I smell smells coming under the doors of what people have eaten.
Most people are able to learn things like that. I have trained Bonnie, however, to do an additional task.
4.  If I sit on the zippered part of my carrier, she knows I want to go visit Donna.  (I used to have to get inside it before she understood.)
See that photo up above?  Yes, I'm sitting there, but Bonnie was wasting time taking a picture of me.  I watch her to be sure she doesn't get distracted by something like her laptop, but she isn't perfect.  Sometimes she says we can't go because it's the middle of the night.  Sometimes she claims Donna isn't at home, but I say we can't know that until we go check it out.  So c'mon c'mon c'mon, let's go now!

Clawdia, 'til next time or whenever   >^. .^<

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Helen's Book Blog said...

It is amazing how animals communicate with us, isn't it! I still often get it wrong when my dog Charlie tries to tell me something.