Saturday, August 22, 2015

Caturday with Clawdia

I almost forgot it was Caturday.  Bonnie went to a movie today, then she went out to eat with our friend Donna — and they didn't invite me!  Donna did come to visit me and gave me treats, so I forgive them.  I even curled up with Bonnie tonight on our bed, while she read using her other hand.  I've lived here with her for a month, as of tomorrow, and she's learning rather quickly which food I prefer.  But it's still frustrating that I have to tell her repeatedly that she isn't giving me enough each time she feeds me.

Let's see, what have I done this week?  I ate, I slept, I meowed pitifully whenever Bonnie needed to be reminded to feed me MORE.  Oh, yes, I also visited Donna's apartment a couple of times.  I get in my carrier (well, Bonnie's the carrier of the comfortable blue thing shown above that I like to sleep in), and Bonnie takes me to Donna's apartment.  When I've looked around two or three or ten times, I get back in the blue thing so Bonnie will know to take me home.  Donna gives me treats, too, but first I like to check out her kitchen and all around her desk and her sofa and her windows, which have a different view than I can see from my windows on the sixth floor.  The last time we visited, Donna's bathroom door was open and I looked around in there, but she doesn't have a litter box like we do.  Enough for now.  I'll try to think of something more exciting to tell you next Caturday.

Clawdia   >^. .^<

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Emily said...

Hi Clawdia! I can tell by your expression you are happy to be living with Bonnie now.