Saturday, August 28, 2010

Caturday ~ with the cat

It's like this, see, I'm going to help Bonnie review books occasionally. Always on Caturdays. And sometimes I may have to say a few things about what she's reading. I don't know why she reads so many books without pictures. Boring. Today I'm posting my favorite portraits of myself.  Bonnie keeps sneaking up on me and taking pictures when I'm asleep or watching birds or whatever.  These, however, make me look regal, as a proud cat ought to look. Which of these two should be my profile photo, if I had a blog of my own?

Ciao, for now,


Helen's Book Blog said...

Adorable kitty! I wish I weren't allergic or we'd have a cat for sure!

Beth said...

I think both photos showcase your obvious nobility, Kiki. You are a beautiful cat.

Emily said...

I would suggest the first one where you are intently looking down, supposedly at a book? But if you write more about the birds outside your window, use the 2nd one.

colleen said...

Love your new word!

Anonymous said...

Helen wins! She says I'm adorable!

No, wait! Beth wins! She thinks I'm noble and beautiful!

No, wait! Emily (mtnfrankle) wins! She is the only one who answered the question I asked!

No, wait! Colleen wins! She gives me credit for inventing a new word (even though Bonnie has been using "Caturday" for weeks).

No, wait! Emily actually visits Bonnie and me, and that means Emily wins! Emily, you have won the honor of giving me treats the next time you visit. (They are up there behind that cabinet door above my food bowl. You remember, don't you?)

----> signed, Kiki Cat

Hurray for Emily!