Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My name is Bonnie ...'s Blogaholics Anonymous Award!
... and I am a blogger.

I am joining a support group called Blogaholics Anonymous.
However, because of my addiction, you know I am absolutely unable to overcome my compulsion to tell you all about it. Thus, I render myself non-anonymous. (Is that a word? Is now.)

The good news: I am not alone in my addiction.

The bad news: I probably won't work very hard at overcoming my addiction.

I have discovered, to my delight and my embarrassment, that everything I think and see and do becomes fodder for blogging. After seeing Susan's perfect tee, I am always on the lookout for bloggerly tee-shirts:

Is there any hope for me?
I doubt it.
(But that's all right!)


Marg said...

Ah Bonnie...I've been a proud member of Bloggers Anonymous for a while now! I often find myself composing posts while I am supposed to be doing other working! More often than not those posts don't actually make it onto the blog...but I still think about what I will write when I get home!

Chrisbookarama said...

Love that shirt

Susan Tidwell said...

Love the shirt! You really are a blogaholic, I have never seen so many blogs by one person! Maybe I'll see you at the meetings...

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt! Too funny!

I have added you to the Blogaholics Anonymous Blogroll. Welcome to the club ;)

Bonnie said...

Hi .. I'm Bonnie too ! I had to stop by from Bloggers Anonymous when I saw the title of your blog !! I was interested to see your middle name meme too ... Bonnie Lillian, is it ? Pretty. I'm Bonnie Suzanne. Anyway, just wanted to say hello ! Don't know very many other Bonnie's ...

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