Monday, February 11, 2008

Awards ceremony (dress appropriately)

If I'd known the award ceremony was going to continue for days and days, I would have suggested a party. Okay, it isn't too late. Run home and get all gussied up and ... oh, you're back already? ... then roll out the red carpet and let the party begin!

Absolute Vanilla, whose mother was mugged on Friday in her own driveway (Crime comes home), wanted to lighten things up today and gave out lots of awards. (Continue the party over at HER blog ... but not yet ... not yet ... I haven't given out MY awards yet!) Anyway, this is the description of the first award:

E for Excellence is a blog award for all of you out there who have Excellent Blogs. By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to ten more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least ten.
I accept! Thanks, Vanilla! I want to thank everyone who helped me reach this point in my life and ... (What? Okay, okay, some anonymous person has passed a note forward to tell me to skip my long acceptance speech and get on with giving out the ten I'm supposed to pass along here today.) Without further ado, my ten. Folks whose excellent blogs I visit regularly include:

Sara Lewis Holmes of Read Write Believe
Selma of Selma in the City
Susan of Patchwork Reflections
Nancy of Bookfoolery and Babble
June of Spatter
Jenn and Allison of Looking Into
Karen of Verbatim
Chris of Book-a-rama
Dewey of the hidden side of a leaf
Wendy of Caribousmom
Oh, my, I'm getting another award! The Biggest Heart Award went to "some people who are very special to me -- and who I know to have huge hearts," Vanilla said. Thank you, Vanilla. You are also very special to me, and I worry about the danger of violence that you and your mother face.

Whoa! More awards!

The You Are Toad-ally Awesome Award ... got it from Vanilla (thanks, dear heart) ... awarding it to these TOAD-ally awsome bloggers:
June of Spatter
Jenn of Something to Say
Colleen of Loose Leaf Notes

The Best Blogging Buddies Award for Global Communities ... got it from Vanilla (more thanks) ... awarding it to these bloggers who live all over the world:
Seamus of Shameless Words (a New Zealander of Irish stock now living in France)

Myrthe of The Armenian Odar Reads (a Dutch woman who moved to Armenia)

Jenn of Something to Say (an American living in Den Haag, the Netherlands)

Selma of Selma in the City (an Aussie living in Sydney, Australia)

Teddy Rose of So Many Precious Books, So Little Time (a Canadian who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia)

Gwyneth of Misadventures in Malawi and Beyond (humanitarian aid worker settled now in sleepy Lilongwe, Malawi)

Vanilla of Absolute Vanilla ... I can, too, give it back! ... (a "citizen of the multiverse" living in South Africa)

Amy of Mediterranean Views (an American living in Spain since 1987)

Melissa of Quotidian Life (an American in the Middle East)

Barbara of Barbara's bleeuugh! (who's writing and raising a small army of six in Ireland)

Marylyn of Marylyn's Travels (an American stationed in Seoul, South Korea)

Sharon of Bibliobibuli (a Brit in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)

Jon of Writing in a Vacuum (in northwest United Kingdom)

Kay of As it happens (a writer and tourist guide in New Zealand)

Marg of Reading Adventures (who lives in Melbourne, Australia)

Kailana of Kailana's Written Word (a Canadian who just "made my day" ... see my acceptance speech here)

Chris of Book-a-rama, a stay-at-home mom who lives in the Canadian Maritimes
The Friendly Site Award ... got it from Vanilla (thank you so very, very much) ... passing it along to:
Beth of Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl
Stephanie of Confessions of a Book-a-holic
And I'm adding another category, this one specifically for newbies to the blogging world. What I'm saying to each of these bloggers is WELCOME to the blogging world! These are people who may be in line for blog awards in the near future:
Kate of A ceaseless mind is an expat in the Netherlands who has been blogging for 12 days now.

Donna of Book Reviews by Donna posted her first book review today! Believe it or not, this is her second blog ... she posted her first post on her first blog (Chattanooga Coexist Club) on Saturday.

Now let me hear loud and prolonged applause for everyone who got an award today ... and for every one of you reading this blog! Yes, go on, clap for yourself, too!

(Mutter and mumble ... I think I've forgoten to put somebody on one of these lists, somebody I thought about and never got to her/his blog before it slipped my open mind, somebody ... I may have to come back and edit this post when I remember who it was ... mumble, mutter ... but who was it?)

UPDATE: It was Chris! Yep, I meant to include her in the Best Blogging Buddies Award for Global Community's list, as well as the E for Excellence Award, which I did get her into. So Chris, apologies for being late, but (look up there above) I have added your name to the list, at last.

UPDATE: A couple of the award winners have asked about the champagne. Did you too miss the champagne? So sorry. Here it is, and if the fancy stemware seems too small, click to enlarge it ... lol.


Wendy said...

Why thank you, Bonnie! I am enormously flattered :) I'm coming back here later to click on all the links and check out some of these blogs which are new to me!

Bookfool said...

Goodness, thanks Bonnie. First of all, I'd like to thank the Academy and all the people who believed in me and my pursuit of foolery and my cat and the guy I ran into in the park that day and blah, blah, blah. Careful, you don't want to get some of us started. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless and in my bathrobe. I'll come back tomorrow and thank you properly and find my little piece of paper with all the people I want to thank on it.

Anonymous said...

I am floored. Speechless. I don't know what to say. So I am very sorry but no acceptance speech from me, only one big thank you to my employer who so graciously lets me use the office computer for blogging.... ;-)

Marg said...

I'd like to start by thanking my publicist, my agent, my personal assistant, my beautician, my hairdresser, my driver...what....oh my goodness the music has started and I have forgotten someone....oh, oh, wait, wait....oh my adoring public! Thank you.

***Twists ankle as she is wrestled away from the podium by the deceptively strong model who presented the award***

S. Kearney said...

Bonnie, you are too kind. I got an award over at Absolute Vanilla's place and now here. We are truly spoilt. Thanks for thinking of me. :-)

bibliobibuli said...

thanks so much, Bonnie! am very touched. now where's the champagne?

Jon M said...

Gee I'm gobsmacked. It's very humbling when someone gives you an award.I'd just like to thank my mum for having me (it's always important to say, 'thank you for having me')And everyone else for being everyone else! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Bonnie, I'm really touched. I especially love the award with the little kittehs - so cute. I really appreciate your kindness!

Chrisbookarama said...

Wow, thanks Bonnie. Sorry I don't have a speech prepared, but I'd like to thank my hubby who gave me the laptop for Christmas and my blogging peeps. Holla! (My imaginary award show is Grammyish)

Sara said...

Thanks! I've lost my speech, and I need to run to the bathroom, and the stuffing just fell out of my cleavage... and...oh my, can I just say THANK YOU again and leave it at that?


Susan Tidwell said...

Wow, Bonnie, you have outdone yourself! All these awards, all these links, you have been very busy. Congrats on all of your awards, and thanks for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Two awards! I'm feeling a bit heady by it all! I can't seem to come up with a memorable acceptance speech...I'm still a bit road weary...but trust me, I'm honored!

Some of my fellow honorees are familiar friends to me too, but you've listed a lot of blogs that are new to me too. I can't wait to explore them.

Anonymous said...

I just read my first comment...yes, I AM road weary!!! Please pay no attention to my blundering words and instead, focus all of your attention to the gratitude I'm feeling.

Marylyn S said...

Oh Bonnie,
Thank you so much...I am so glad you are my Buddy (BB). and two awards no less. You are such a good friend to think of everyone else.

Unknown said...

Thanks very much Bonnie - there's a great warmth in here, so I'm just going to slip this here shawl offa my shoulders to show off the glittering spangles on my dress! Me and the small army will have a barn dance later on to celebrate!

Unknown said...

Whooohooooo! Brilliant awards ceremony, Bonnie! Way to go and thank you for returning an award my way.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Awards Academy, I thank you one and all and most particularly Miss Bonnie, for a stunning evening and a wonderful vote of thanks!

Erm, whaddayamean, that's enough and get off the stage? What? Champagne? Where?

Okay, thanks and later!


Kay Cooke said...

I accept this award with a woo-hoo and thanks to my mother for having me and my father for ... what?! The music is drowning me out ............

Bonnie Jacobs said...

You're welcome, you're welcome, and you too are welcome! Glad you had fun. Good to see you! Yes, yes, thanks. Oh, by the way, since Sharon and Vanilla both mentioned it ... I need to add this footnote to the party:

Oops! You missed the champagne? So sorry. Find it here:

If the fancy stemware seems too small, click to enlarge it ... lol.

Kate said...

Well... what can i say... thank you thank you for the mention... i feel overwhelmed with warm fuzzy feelings of welcome! I shall be sure to keep up my blogging and gain inspiration from all you professional bloggers!

Karen said...

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I'd like to thank my parents and all the little people who made this all possible.... :-)

Teddy Rose said...

I would like to thank the academy who slaves year after year to make this evening happen. I'd like to thank all the authors who inspired me to start and be faithful to my blog. I'd like to thank my fellow bloggers, all who have coached me with my blog. I'd like to thank my parents, for without them, I wouldn't be here. I would also like too thank my loving husband who is there for me always and I'd like to thank my four legged fur son Robbie who always inspires me and drools on me.

The champagne is wonderful! Thanks for getting the real stuff and not that dreadful cheap vinegar tasting stuff. Also, thanks for thinking of us vegans; the vegan pate was divine!

Now I must say goodnight. I'm not use to the spike high heel shoes and my back is killing me. Not to mention my pantyhose are pinching me and my slip is showing. Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Word play? Our names as our assignments? Bonnie, I don't know if you saw my answer to your last comment. Go here

Chrisbookarama said...

Oops! Here I thought that was it for me tonight. Sorry I was backstage having a drink with Puff Daddy or is it P Diddy. Oh wait never mind, it's Sean now! Thanks, Bonnie.

Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, gosh, did I never say thanks? I so meant to say thanks! What is wrong with me? Somebody call Miss Manners and make a report!
Thanks so much for thinking of me Bonnie. These are all extremely awesome and I appreciate your kindness!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.