Monday, February 24, 2020

Vehicles named Lily and Emma Sue

Sometimes I save quotes from books because they make me remember something in my own life.  This one is from page 199 of Birds of a Feather, the second Maisie Dobbs novel by Jacqueline Winspear (2004).
"Can I leave Lily with you then?  I'll need her by three this afternoon — to be at Pembury by visiting time."

"Lily?  You give a car like this
the name 'Lily'?"
The car in the book was an expensive, elegant vehicle.  I don't remember the make, but I laughed when I read those lines because — yes — I'm one of those people who name my cars.  The earliest I recall off-hand was Rosie, a red station wagon we had when my children were little.  Another was named Yang (the masculine aspect) to my Yin (the feminine) because "he" gave me trouble driving up my mountain the day I got "him."  But the one whose name came to mind when I read those lines in the book was Emma Sue.

Donna was walking toward Emma Sue in the picture at the top, which I snapped back in 2015.  Donna came up with the "Emma" part of the name, as in green like an "emerald."  I added the "Sue" and gave the car a last name:  "Baru."  Put the whole thing together and what do you get?  Say it with me:  "Emma Sue Baru."

If you click on this Emma Sue link, you'll read an earlier version of naming the car.  Hmm, that story gives Donna credit for BOTH names.  Have I been telling a false story all these years?  Since I posted that story on the day I bought it, I must apologize to Donna, the word person.  I only added a last name.

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Bookfool said...

So . . . she was a Subaru? LOL . I love it.