Saturday, February 1, 2020

Friendly February Calendar

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I found this month's calendar on the Action for Happiness web site.  Here are actions they suggest we do during February 2020.

Saturday, February 1
~ Send someone a message to say how much they mean to you.
Sunday, February 2
~ Ask a friend what good things have happened to them recently.
Monday, February 3
~ Do something supportive and friendly for your colleagues.
Tuesday, February 4
~ Notice the good qualities of everyone you meet today.
Wednesday, February 5
~ Get in touch with an old friend you haven't seen for a while.
Thursday, February 6
~ Thank someone and tell the how they made a difference for you.
Friday, February 7
~ Show an active interest by asking questions when talking to others.
Saturday, February 8
~ Say friendly things to people who work in your local shop or cafe.
Sunday, February 9
~ Put away digital devices and really focus on who you're with.
Monday, February 10
~ Try to involve others and invite them to join your conversations.
Tuesday, February 11
~ Smile at the people you're with and try to brighten their day.
Wednesday, February 12
~ Send an encouraging note to someone who needs a boost.
Thursday, February 13
~ Be kind especially when your first instinct is to be unkind.
Friday, February 14
~ 💗 Tell loved ones why they are so special to you. 💗
Saturday, February 15
~ Make an effort to have a friendly chat with a stranger.
Sunday, February 16
~ Call a friend to catch up and really listen to them.
Monday, February 17
~ Respond positively to everyone you meet today.
Tuesday, February 18
~ Look for the good side when other people frustrate you.
Wednesday, February 19
~ Tell a loved one about their strengths that you value most.
Thursday, February 20
~ Actively listen to what people say, without judging them.
Friday, February 21
~ Give sincere compliments to three people you meet today.
Saturday, February 22
~ Make a plan to meet up with others and do something fun.
Sunday, February 23
~ Take time to speak to a neighbor and get to know them.
Monday, February 24
~ Do an act of kindness to make life easier for someone else.
Tuesday, February 25
~ Make positive comments to as many people as possible today.
Wednesday, February 26
~ Thank three people you feel grateful to and tell them why.
Thursday, February 27
~ Share what you're feeling with someone you really trust.
Friday, February 28
~ Be gentle with someone who you feel inclined to criticize.
Saturday, February 29
~ Make uninterrupted time for your loved ones.

"People forget what you said and what you did.  
But they never forget how you made them feel."
— Maya Angelou

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