Saturday, February 15, 2020

Therapy cat

I'm exhausted!  Yesterday, Bonnie grabbed me and put me in my blue carrier — she knows I don't like to be picked up — and took me to Donna's.  On our way to Donna's, I meowed loudly so everyone would know that Bonnie was kidnapping me again.  We stopped to talk to that woman at the desk halfway to Donna's.  I let her pet me and rub my head.  It felt good, so I quit screaming that Bonnie kidnapped me.

Did I ever tell you that I lived with Donna a week while Bonnie was gone last year and then another week while she was gone again?  Well, I did.  But once when Bonnie took me to visit Donna, there was a cat there!  Yes, there was.  And that cat's name was Sasha.  We hissed at each other — only once — but we mostly just stared at each other across the room and never got close.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  When we got to Donna's, I looked carefully around her apartment.  No cat anywhere, so I went to sit in the window while the two humans talked.  They had tried to bribe me with treats, but I wasn't buying it.  Nope, nope, nope.

On our way home, we stopped to talk to that woman at the desk again.  And then ... then ... Bonnie walked right into a room full of women, who called to us.  Half of them wanted to pet me and talk to me.  Bonnie unzipped the carrier so I could look at them and they could rub my head.  Okay, I admit that I enjoyed being petted.  I like people.  Except the loud ones.  Oh, yeah, Tomoko was there in the room, and I know her.  And Toni.

Exhausting!  That's what it was.  When I got home, I ate a bite or two before settling in for a catnap.  You won't believe what happened when I closed my eyes.  Bonnie did it again.  She put me in my carrier AGAIN on the very same day and took me to visit with a little girl.  The girl read me a book.  It was about a fly escaping from a frog (or was it a toad?) fleeing from a cat running from a dog ... and more animals chasing behind.  After the story, I crept out of my carrier and explored that new-to-me apartment, and I sniffed the little girl's fingers.  She was a nice little girl, after all.

But it was a long day.  What does Bonnie think I am?  A therapy cat?  When I got home this time, I ran first to my litter box, then nibbled some more of my food before taking another long sleep.  Actually, I slept the night away.

Clawdia, 'til next time    >^. .^<

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