Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True to Form ~ teaser

Here's a teaser from Elizabeth Berg's 2002 novel, True to Form, pages 76-77:

"Well, studying anthremology is the dumbest idea I ever heard of," Cherylanne said. "If you don't mind my saying so. I mean, going to school to learn about people, when you are one!"

"But there are many different types," I said.  "You know, like different cultures.  Have you ever heard of Margaret Mead?"

Cherylanne frowned.  "What was she in?'


"What movies?"

"She's not an actress.  She's an anthropologist.  Like a woman scientist."

"Well, there you go, right there is trouble," Cherylanne said.  "Any woman scientist is going to be one ugly and bitter woman."

I sighed, turned my head away from her to look at the playground we were walking past.

My whole library system will be down from February 3-8, so I got a bunch of novels by authors whose writing I enjoy. Four novels by Elizabeth Berg will help tide me over the next week.

I have already read and returned one book I picked up yesterday:  Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler (2009), another excellent novelist.

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