Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teaser from the Midwest

The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg, 2005
"I had been right to want to drive to the Midwest, taking only the back roads.  Every time my husband, John, and I had taken a trip more than a few miles away, we'd flown, and had endured the increasingly irritating airport protocols.  I'd finally begun to wear what amounted to pajamas so that I wouldn't have to all but strip before security guards who seemed either worrisomely bored or, equally worrisome, inflated with a mirthful self-importance.  It was hard to believe that air travel had ever been considered glamorous, when now what most people felt was a seesawing between anxiety and exasperation" (p. 3).
After reading this, I had to find out where she was going -- and why. This is a great book beginning. It kept me reading.

On the home front
Yesterday, I stretched out on the bed to read, and Kiki joined me.  She looked at me with begging eyes, realized I didn't plan to jump up and feed her, turned around to snuggle her back up against me, and fell asleep with her head on my extended arm.  I love how she hugs my arm and loves me even when she is "starving."  Yes, I read where she posted that "I'm suffering" plea on Caturday because she's on an unwanted diet.  She sits by her food dish and gazes longingly at the cabinet up above, apparently wondering if the cupboard is empty.  But she still hugs my arm.  (It's hard to get a good photo with a cell phone, when I'm guessing at the angle.)


Helen's Book Blog said...

LOVE the fact that Kiki snuggles. Our dog does that too; it's like an infant settling in for tons of love. Very nice!

Amy said...

How sweet that you have a snuggly cat!
I love the beginning of the Elizabeth Berg book, too, will look for it at my library. Thanks!