Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Open House ~ by Elizabeth Berg, 2000

I'm always interested in how a book gets its title, but some of Elizabeth Berg's novels are still mysteries in that respect, even after I've read them.  I look at the list of titles and can't remember what some of the books are about.  However, I have a vivid image relating to an open house, based on this:
"Back in the bedroom, I stand by the window, arms crossed, looking out.  No one is on the street.  No one is ever on the street.  Everyone stays inside.  I wonder what they're all doing, if anyone is acting as lost as I am.  What would happen if you could lift the roof -- make for a real open house -- and look inside?  What would you see?  Surely some of the behavior would be no odder than mine" (pp. 195-196).
Can't you see it?  No people are in the photo I found to illustrate this idea, but it gives me ideas about the people who live there.  I do like the way Berg writes, like this, for example:
"I save his confidence in me as though his words were silver dollars, knotted in a silk scarf and kept hidden in a dresser drawer" (p. 99).
And I learn things from this author.  This one also makes me laugh.
"Stress hormones get released when you cry, that's why it works.  It's amazing how smart the body is.  Though maybe we could do without loving.  I think it's overrated, and I think it's too hard.  You should only love your children; that is necessary, because otherwise you might kill them.  But to love a man?  It's overrated, and it's too hard and I will never, ever do it again" (p. 14).
It does make you want to keep reading, doesn't it?  Open House ~ by Elizabeth Berg, 2000, fiction, 7/10 (a good book).


Kailana said...

I read a book by Elizabeth Berg once before and I honestly can't even remember it... I always meant to try her again, but haven't done so yet. I recently added one of her books to my TBR list to try again, but never know when that will end up being!

Helen's Book Blog said...

You certainly are on an Elizabeth Berg kick! I've only read one of her books and I liked it, but didn't love it. I do agree that she gives good description, I definitely felt like I could "see" where the story was taking place