Sunday, January 2, 2011

I wasn't purring

Little persons, like this boy named Drew who came to visit Friday, are different from big people like Bonnie.  I'm never quite sure what little ones will do, so I tried to hide from this one.  But he still found me at the end of my closet.  In fact, Bonnie showed him where I was.  When he found me the next time, I had to scratch his finger -- just a little.  (Bonnie scolded me, since I've never done that before.  Okay, okay, I'm sorry, Drew!)

Kiki Cat, purring now

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Bookfool said...

Our Isabel went completely nutso when my best friend came to visit, pinwheeling her little paws when I picked her up to show her off. I have a few small war wounds from that experience, which is funny because she likes people. When the Schwan's man comes, she just blinks hello at him. LOL You just never know what will set them off.