Sunday, January 2, 2011

Have You Got My Purr? ~ by Judy West and Tim Warnes, 1999

My friend Donna found this one on a sale table, then gave it to me after she read it.  The kitten is looking for her purr, but the animals don't have her purr.  Not the dog ("woof woof"), not the cow ("moo moo"), not the pig ("oink oink"), not the ducks ("quack quack"), not the mouse who is a bit nervous ("squeak squeak").  Kitten keeps looking, but the sheep says, "Baa baa."  The owl says, "Hoot hoot."  The wise owl sends her back to her mother, who says, "Oh, sweet thing ... no one can take your purr.  It's inside you.  You hear it when you're happy.  Come here and listen."  When the kitten snuggled next to her mother, there it was!  All the animals watching from the doorway heard it.  Dog, cow, pig, ducks, mouse, sheep, owl, and mother cat heard this sound from the kitten:  "Purr purr."

Rated:  8 of 10, a very good book, perfect for little people learning animal sounds.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This looks like a cute books, and I just noticed your adorable Kiki to the right:)

Bookfool said...

That sounds so cute! How sweet of your friend to bring it to you!