Monday, August 24, 2009

Open air and soggy books

Looking up ~ the shell of St. Elmo United Methodist Church with its melted windows.

Looking down ~ this pile of smoky, waterlogged, stuck-together books from the pastor's study.

See photos of the fire by clicking here.


Joy Renee said...

OK I'm lazy. this is the same comment I left at your facebook post about this: So sad! That pile of trashed books breaks my heart. I somehow feel their loss stronger than I do the building. Probably because the building is just a photo to me but the books represent the two personal libraries i lost in moves. I know how long it takes to build such a collection and make it your own with notes on margins and scrap paper bookmarks and so forth. And this pastor has lost all that plus his church!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

The cause of the fire has been determined. It was accidental, caused by old wiring.

Ray Zimmerman said...

I saw the ATF mobile command post in town. Wonder if that is why they are here?