Friday, April 14, 2023

Beginning ~ with a feeling like riding the universe

I'm finally riding the elephant, my Grandpa Bill's circus elephant, Queenie Grace, and it feels kind of like I'm riding the universe.
One Amazing Elephant ~ by Linda Oatman High, 2017, young adult fiction, 272 pages

This middle grade animal story is about two unlikely friends.  A girl and an elephant face the same devastating loss — and slowly realize that they share the same powerful love.  Twelve-year-old Lily Pruitt loves her grandparents, but she doesn’t love the circus — and the circus is their life.  She’s perfectly happy to stay with her father, away from her neglectful mother and her grandfather’s beloved elephant, Queenie Grace.

Then Grandpa Bill dies, and both Lily and Queenie Grace are devastated.  When Lily travels to Florida for the funeral, she keeps her distance from the elephant, but the two are mourning the same man — and form a bond born of loss.  When Queenie Grace faces danger, Lily must come up with a plan to help save her friend.  In other words, the girl develops an unexpected bond with her grand-father's equally grieving elephant.

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Harvee said...

Visitors who go elephant riding in the northern jungles of Thailand, tourists mostly, get the ride of a lifetime as the paths are sometimes steep and uneven and they get a swaying side to side and back and forth ride that is both thrilling and scary.

I like the illustration and the story of the book.