Sunday, April 2, 2023

A very overdue library book and Active April

Have you ever had to pay a library fine for an overdue book?  A book was returned to San Francisco Public Library 100 years after it had been checked out.  The humorous thing about it, though, is the book's title:  Forty Minutes Late.  I was curious, so I googled to find out something about the book.  It's a 1909 collection of short stories written by F. Hopkinson Smith.  I think it's interesting that 1909 is the same year that library was built.  Phoebe Marsh Dickenson Webb was the one who checked the book out, according to Judy Wells, Phoebe's great-granddaughter.  Phoebe died, which is a very good excuse for not returning a library book.  When I discovered the 14-page short story (first story in the book) is now free for Kindle, I downloaded and read it.

The Active April Calendar is from the folks at Action for Happiness, who say:  "Our new Active April calendar is full of great ideas."  Click on this calendar to enlarge it, and see what they suggest each day.  Here's what they suggest we do today:  "Spend as much time as possible outdoors today."

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Harvee said...

Cute story about that overdue library book. Our library system grants seniors freedom to borrow without fines, but we would have to pay for a book that is never returned! Have a good week.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

It looks like San Francisco Library charges a $.10 a day late fee, with a maximum of $5. If they charged full price, it would cost $4161.

I hope to be as active as possible in April. The weather is lovely, and I'm ready to be outdoors.