Saturday, April 15, 2023

A book about cats for our library

Know Your Cat: An Owner's Guide to Cat Behavior ~ by Bruce Fogle, photography by Jane Burton, 1991, animal behavior, 128 pages, 9/10

This guide book for cat lovers provides penetrating insights into cat behavior, based on the scientific research and analysis of veterinarian Bruce Fogle.  Supported by 350 color photographs, he explains how cats communicate through body language, meowing and hissing, and rituals like rubbing and grooming.  Reading this book will give the novice an overview of how cats behave and what to expect as the cat grows to maturity.

My friend Toni was talking with me in the lobby recently and asked me to wait while she ran back up to her apartment to get this book.  Her daughter Margo wants to donate it to the Crown Center library, and Risé and I re-shelve the books there.  Thanks, Margo!

Yes, kitty cat, today is Caturday.

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Harvee said...

For some reason, certain cultures really revere cats. The Egyptians in the old days, the Japanese and the Thais now. I have a Japanese good luck cat with the raised paw. The Thais I knew let the cats run the house as it is bad luck to cross a cat. In the Western world, it's the same.

Why did cats get this reputation?