Thursday, October 28, 2021

Throwback Thursday ~ a train trip

Here's a train ad from 1947.  I took my first train ride from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Florida with my Aunt Bonnie in 1947, when I was 7 years old.
My book blogger friend Nancy posted several train ads from the 1940's on Facebook, and I noticed this one was actually from the year of that trip.

My aunt got permission to take me out of school (second grade) for a week or two to take me along with her.  I remember the rocking of the train nauseated me, like I was seasick.  Then the sand whipped my little bare legs when we walked on the beach because we got there near the tail-end of a hurricane.

All in all, I was not very impressed with Florida!  Bonnie was my mother's sister, and my dad's sister Lillian and her family moved from Louisville, Kentucky, to southern Florida a few years later.  So I did visit Florida several times as I was growing up, but our family trips were always by car.

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