Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mindful March

Click on the calendar to enlarge it.
March 1
~ Start today by appreciating that you're alive and have a body.
March 2
~ When someone is speaking, take a full breath before you reply.
March 3
~ Stay fully present while drinking your cup of tea or coffee.
March 4
~ Go nature spotting today.  Even in a city, life is all around.

Here are the suggested actions through this weekend.  What my "body" will do today is change the bulletin board on my floor, updating it for March.  I included copies of the January and February calendars on our board during those months and will continue by posting this mindfulness calendar during March.


Helen's Book Blog said...

As we brace for another rain and possible debris flow (let's hope not), I am definitely appreciating my body and being alive! Everyone around us is evacuating for the night.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Are you okay? Will you also evacuate?