Saturday, October 20, 2012

Caturday ~ hugs and kisses

Someone posted this cat picture on Facebook this week, prompting me to look up pictures of Kiki hugging and kissing me.  Here's what I found, year by year:

To read about these occasions, click the links under each photo.  And here's a story from maybe 2002, give or take a year, that I shared in a comment to a 2008 post:
I had been out of town for 3 or 4 days. I had left plenty of food and water, which works for a cat, who eats what she needs and saves the rest. When I got home and opened the door to the kitchen, Kiki ran past me like crazy through the garage to the driveway, happy to be outside again. But she stopped suddenly, turned around, ran back and "kissed" me by licking my chin. Then she felt free to run out into the glorious sunshine.  You may laugh about cats ignoring you, but Kiki loves me and remembered to welcome me home with a kiss before she went outside to smell the fresh air and play. As I've said before, she is the most loving cat I've ever had. I feel blessed to be loved by Kiki.

~~~ Kiki's best friend, Bonnie

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Wonderful photos of you and Kiki. Pets really are wonderful supporters, aren't they?