Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Salon ~ books, my baby brother, and quilts


We book buddies are still discussing Christianity for the Rest of Us.  A labyrinth was mentioned on page 56, and our conversation turned in that direction.  I have written about several labyrinths, and that's me walking the latest one on Wednesday morning.
Overview of labyrinths for Book Buddies
Labyrinth at Thankful Memorial Episcopal Church
Labyrinth at St. Paul Episcopal Church
Labyrinth at Burks United Methodist Church

My brother Jim wants a new camper and figures this one is about right.  He wrote on Facebook,
"We've missed the camper so much that we decided to buy a new one.  It's more suitable for my needs.  What do you think?"
There's one in every family!


When I visited my friend Emily this week, I admired this quilt she had made.  I started thinking about how many of my friends are quilters.

Judith makes quilts for children in need.  She's on Facebook, and every week she rushes off to quilt with her friends.

Susan @ Patchwork Reflections has this quilt from 2008 at the top of her blog right now.

Wendy @ CaribousMom has entered a quilt into a blogger's quilt festival.

Shirley and I met in an online book discussion, and she's been active in my Book Buddies blog from the beginning.  She doesn't blog, but I see her quilts on Facebook.

And this last quilt was made by my son's mother-in-law, Bea, in 1993.  After I did Bea's funeral in September, my daughter-in-law Sharon wanted me to have this quilt made by her mother.  It is now on my bed.  Sewn onto one corner of the reverse side is a tag that says "Quilted with love for you" with her name and date "Bea W. 93" added using pink embrodery thread.  Pink was Bea's favorite color.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I have a couple friends who are quilters and am always so impressed with their work. You've mentioned labyrinths a couple times and I realize I've never seen one in person!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the nod to us quilters, Bonnie! So fun to see what other sewists are doing :)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I goofed! That's not a quilt by Shirley, as I discovered when she left this comment on Facebook:

Shirley said...

"Lovely quilts! I'll let my daughter Erin know that her quilt is shown in your blog with the other lovely quilts of your friends."

I looked through Shirley's photos on Facebook and chose this one because it has dark colors, to contrast with these quilt pictures I was using. I shouldn't have "assumed" all the quilts were made by Shirley. When she points out one she made, I'll revise the post by adding hers.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I misunderstood what Shirley meant.

Shirley said...

"Whoops! You were correct, that was a quilt I made. However, it was the quilt that I made as a wedding quilt to my daughter and her husband.

I decided it must be time for me to go to bed, so I've "slept on it" since then. And now for a new day, a new week.

Beth said...

What gorgeous quilts! I know you must value the quilt from Bea so much---how wonderful to sleep under something so beautiful that was made by hand with love.

I like Jim's camper! :-)

Susan Tidwell said...

I love your brother's camper idea! Labyrinth and quilts - give me an idea... I wonder if there are any labyrinth quilt patterns out there? Thanks for including me in your post - love all the quilt pictures!

Zorro said...

Love the quilts~ Please contact me at mbkenned at aol dot com.