Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday evening's luau

Bonnie and Kevin
On Friday evening, I attended the luau at the pool so I could meet some of my neighbors.  Kevin said we must have bought our Hawaiian shirts at the same place.  Kevin's hometown is Federal Way, Washington, where a friend of mine lives (small world).
Bonnie, Ashley, and Kourtny
Ashley and Kourtny, at the ALOHA bar, both graduated from high school with my granddaughter Kenzie (even smaller world).
Vickie and Bonnie
Laughter was the connection between Vickie and me. Otherwise, the closest Vickie and I could connect is that she is originally from the state just south of my former husband's home state.
How green is your lei?
Really, I wasn't this faded out at the luau.
More Facebook photos from the luau.


Carol said...

Looks like you had a good time, and enjoying your new place.

Helen's Book Blog said...

What a fantastic event! Everyone looks like they are having fun, it's a great way to end summer, and you made some friends. It's all good!