Friday, September 9, 2011

Beginning ~ up a fig tree

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg, 2006, fiction
After Elner Shimfissle accidentally poked that wasps' nest up in her fig tree, the last thing she remembered was thinking "Uh-oh."
While googling "fig tree" for the photo above, which is from Wikipedia, I discovered that wasps pollinate fig trees and eat the nectar of figs.  I didn't know that.  It does explain why there would be a wasps' nest in a fig tree.

This is a perfect beginning, making me wonder what comes after "Uh-oh."  Of course, I'll keep reading, especially since I know that Fannie Flagg's characters always get into some hilarious situations.  And how about that name, Elner Shimfissle?  Gotta love it.

  If you want to play along, this meme is hosted by Katy at A Few More Pages. Share the first sentence or two of the book you are reading. (Sometimes it takes several sentences to get the full thought.) Then, share your impressions of that beginning.  Click this link to see what others say about the books they are reading this week.


Anonymous said...

I hate to admit that all I've read of Fannie Flagg is Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe. I loved that book and have always wondered how her other novels were, but have not yet gotten around to reading them. Have you read many others and would you have any particular recommendations?

Here's my post: How bizarre would it be if short stories, classics, and literary fiction just disappeared. Talk about a dystopia!

Your blog is really nice on the eyes, and I think I will really enjoy reading your content! So glad I hopped by!

Here's my post for "the Hop"!
Adventures in Borkdom


Amy said...

I'm reading Fried Green Tomatoes!

Katy said...

You learn something new every day! And I agree, that beginning makes me want to read on.

Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!

Nic said...

What a name!! This sounds like a very fun read, and I love the bright colours on the cover! :)

Helen's Book Blog said...

That's a great name for a character! And, I had no idea about wasps and fig trees. I love the one-word sentence Uh-oh. It says so much with so little

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Mandy, some of Fannie Flagg's books I've read which popped into my head (though I think I've read another one or two) include:

Red Bird Christmas (2004), which is my favorite so far:

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (1988), which Fannie Flagg signed for me:

I Still Dream About You (2010):

And how I'm ready to read Can't Wait to Get to Heaven (2006).