Saturday, September 3, 2011

All wet

My daughters and 11-year-old granddaughter came over this afternoon, and this is where we spent most of three hours.  It's the first time I've been to the pool at my new apartment complex, and none of us thought to take pictures.  This photo, which was online, was taken near where we ate a late lunch before Cady and I went back in the water.  We couldn't talk the "old ladies" out of the shade, but Cady and I spent an hour or so tossing a football (that belonged to the daddy with his two little boys), trying to stand on our hands on the bottom of the pool with our feet up in the air, and splashing each other.  Yeah, an old grandma in her second childhood truly did jump in and splash her granddaughter.  My daughters eventually began "grading" how we tossed the ball, but those "tens" were hard to come by.  Besides being all wet (bad joke), I'm tired and my back is complaining.  I think I'll go lie down and read a book.


Amy said...

Lovely pool! Sounds like you had a great day.

Helen's Book Blog said...

I love that you were in the water doing handstands with your granddaughter! She will remember that forever and love you for it. Have a fantastic weekend

Book Worm Rebel said...

oh wow!!!! looks so fantabulous.. such a world away from where we are.... looks like summer!