Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Words from Weather

My friends Toni and Sandy and I have come up with two dozen words from these letters so far.  What words can you make with the letters in WEATHER?  Leave a word or more in the comments.  Weather is definitely a "wondrous word."  I'll start with a tiny word:

1.  at
2.  ate
3.  tea

Update:  I just discovered my friend Genies came up with five more words.   Also, my friends Carolyn and Jenn added another dozen words (before I posted this on my blog).  Hurray to Genies, Carolyn, and Jenn!

Update #2:  People kept coming back to share more words, so here are words that people made and shared (I'll post this in early May, also):

Toni:  ate, we, her, the, wet, wrath
Bonnie:  wreath, thaw, haw, hew, hat, hare, heat, hear
Sandy:  wheat, wart, heart, wrath 
Genies:  thaw, what, wear, rate, threw
Bonnie:  awe, raw, war, hate, eat, tea, awe, were, ware
Carolyn:  wheat, what, the, rat, eat, there, her, here
Bonnie:  there, haw, whee, what, whet
Jenn:  where, heart, eater, water, reheat, wreathe, ether, earth, whereat, hewer
Wreathe and whereat both use ALL the letters.  Ding, ding, ding!  Jenn wins Facebook today!  She is definitely the Queen of Words today!
Bonnie:  at, art, ear, wee, taw, tar, ether
Shon:  we, eat, her, at, the

Some may be repeated, but none of these people had seen what the others sent me.  We were all having a grand time.  If you want to sort out the words and tell us a final number, please do.  The letters in W-E-A-T-H-E-R make a lot of other words!  It feels like they can make a "million" words.  Toni wrote, "It said five, so I stopped my brain at six !!!! amor."  She was quoting the post we'd found on Facebook, which suggested we try to make five words from the letters in WEATHER.  Even though she screeched to a stop, she couldn't help finding that sixth word.  Way to go, Toni!

If anyone finds another word (or two or three or four), let me know and I'll add them to our list.

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