Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday Salon ~ my Kindle books

Just completed

Remembering a Great American Hero Marian Anderson: "The Lady from Philadelphia"
~ by Emile Henwood, 2020, biography, 132 pages, 8/10

This book is a "condensed chronological compilation," not a biography as I thought when I added it to my Kindle.  What makes it worthwhile, though, are three links to YouTube videos about her:  HERE (page 36) and HERE (page 68) and HERE (page 70).  From there, you can find many more videos showing her legacy.  Have fun!

Just downloaded

A Span of Moments ~ by Robert Beech, 2020, fiction (Florida), 302 pages

A story of coming home to an old Florida island and struggling to save its way of life and native beauty:  Midsummer 1994, a disillusioned Jake Crawford quits a prominent scientific career and retreats to the island home of his youth, longing for its old Florida way of life.  Within hours of his arrival, he becomes entangled in a tragic series of events involving a billionaire real estate developer and a reclusive bridgetender with a long-hidden past.  Jake's struggle to navigate those events will determine whether Marcosta Island preserves its culture and native beauty or succumbs to the same overpopulation and environmental harm that has befallen the rest of southwest Florida.

Reading now

The Easy Life in Kamusari ~ by Shion Miura, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter, 2021 (in English),  contemporary fiction (Japan), 205 pages

In this coming-of-age tale, a young man is thrust from city life into the trials, mysteries, and delights of a mythical mountain forest.  Nine days ago, I wrote about getting this book, and now I'm ready to read it.  I've read one other book by Miura, his 2011 novel The Great Passage, which I rated 8/10.
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Anonymous said...

A Span of Moments sounds good to me. I like books set in FL as I used to live there. The cover is also inviting. Have a good week with your reading.

The Literary Lioness said...

Those books sound interesting.

PBS has been running a fine documentary about Marian Anderson called "The Whole World In Her Hands" which is part of their "American Masters" series.

Helen's Book Blog said...

This looks like a good collection of books with variety to keep you going. I sometimes find that I get stuck in a genre then feel over saturated.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

All of these sound great. I always enjoy reading about people who are my heroes, and Marian Anderson is one of these.

I hope you will share more about The Easy Life in Kamusari soon.