Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pandemic ponderings

Noah's ark on Mount Ararat, a 1570 painting by Simon de Myle
What if Noah gave a TED Talk about our current situation?  Do you suppose he'd have anything to say to us?  Joanna Harader came up with what she thinks several characters from Bible stories might tell us in "these days of social isolation during a worldwide pandemic."  Here's the title of Noah's talk, along with a snippet about his subject:
The Life You Save Will Be Your Own

Dealing with people who think you are being ridicu-lous and over-reacting to an impending catastrophe that they don’t believe is real despite all the evidence.
Sound familiar?  I love it!  I may share some of her other TED Talk titles later.  If you can't wait, here's her whole list on RevGalsBlogPals.

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