Thursday, May 21, 2020

Kitty on a catwalk — and making music

I got the idea for this post from an email sent out by Clawdia's vet.  We’ve all been inside a lot lately, they suggest, so my kitty may be ready for an outdoor adventure.  In the link to their website, they explain how to train a cat to a leash.  Oh, but Clawdia isn't new to going for a walk on a leash.  Sometimes she plops down in the grass, and sometimes she jumps up on Donna's windowsill.  The temperature here is in the mid-sixties right now, so I think I'll take Clawdia for walk right now — a cat walk.  Why should dogs have all the fun?

Mbira and Kalimba

The Google Doodle for today is "an interactive experience."  It's like playing a game, and clicking on my touchpad "played" the mbira, an African musical instrument, like the one pictured above.  It's a thumb piano.  Click on this Google link, and give it a try.

Since I play piano and like to make music, Donna gave me her little thumb piano.  I learned somewhere it's called a kalimba.  Though it's similar, it doesn't have as many notes to play as that mbira above — just a single octave.  I found a 2010 Guardian article about the mbira, if you want to learn more.

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