Saturday, April 6, 2019

Seen around the Crown Center

Flowers in the lobby (4-1-19)

Sometimes the nearby Schnucks grocery store gives us flowers at the end of the month, so I assume that's why these were in the lobby.  I noticed flowers on the table at the entrance, in the office, in the Café, and in other random places that day.

Greek salad in the Café (3-26-19)

Early last week, I said I'd take a picture of this salad, and I did.  I just didn't get it posted as soon as I had intended.  This is the salad Ezra recommended:  "Olive the Greek Salad!   It's Feta than the rest!"

Head in the laundry room (4-5-19)

What?  Wait, a head?  I was walking past the laundry room on my way to Donna's apartment when I noticed this head sitting on a table.  Life is never boring at the Crown Center!  I have no idea why it's there or who put it there.  I'm guessing someone is "giving it" to anyone who wants it, since it is beside the recycle bin (on the left), and styrofoam cannot be recycled.  But who knows?


Helen's Book Blog said...

I love it when there are flowers and this spring seems quite exceptional for us. The head certainly is random!

colleen said...

Ha ha! I want to put a wig on it and maybe some make-up.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Colleen, I took a photo of it, having no use for it otherwise. Now I have it on my blog. That's enough for me. It wasn't there the next time I was in that building.