Monday, April 15, 2013

Pedal exerciser and shoulder pulley

I told my friend Shirley about the physical therapy (PT) Donna has been doing since her knee surgery.
"She has to exercise at home twice a day, including on the bicycle pedals she bought.  Using those pedals was hard, but she's much better at it now."
Not having seen the equipment, my friend asked:
"Are the bicycle pedals independent of a bicycle?"
Yep.  These are photos of one similar to Donna's (I found the photos online and don't know who this model is).  At her PT sessions, Donna uses an "industrial-sized" machine that faces a window so patients won't get bored, maybe?  So did I.  My "industrial-sized" machine was on a table at my PT sessions for my broken shoulder, back in January and February.  However, this picture shows basically what I was doing.  In other words, I could put Donna's on a table and continue my exercises, just as I do with the pulley over the door, back and forth, back and forth.

This is like my pulley, and one of the ways I have used it.  Who knew I'd have to pull up and down and back and forth and worst of all out to the side at angles my shoulder no longer wants to do.  Really, really tough on shoulder muscles that are healing.  (This woman is another model, found online.)

But hey, the exercises are working!  Donna and I are both healing.

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Shirley said...

Amazing how one can set up their home for physical therapy with relatively little space required! I'm glad to hear that the equipment has helped both you and Donna.