Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a book, Jackass

It's a Book ~ by Lane Smith, 2010, children's, 10/10
Online summary:  "Playful and lighthearted with a subversive twist that is signature Lane Smith, It's a Book is a delightful manifesto on behalf of print in the digital age. This satisfying, perfectly executed picture book has something to say to readers of all stripes and all ages."
Lest you think I'm using bad language in the title line above, let me explain that Jackass is one of the characters.  Yes, truly!  The title page shows the three characters and names them:
It's a mouse.
It's a jackass.
It's a monkey.
And in big, bold letters:
It's a Book
Mouse and Monkey keep telling Jackass, "It's a book."  But he simply doesn't get it.  He can only relate to his laptop.  Click to enlarge the illustrated pages above to see for yourself.  The following pages say:
Jackass:  "Don't worry, I'll charge it up when I'm done!"
Mouse (on Monkey's head):  You don't have to..."
And the final page has Mouse saying (SPOILER alert):
"It's a book, Jackass."
When I checked this book out yesterday, the librarian said this book was a hot item last year.  I have a grown-up friend who wants to buy herself a copy of it.  It's such fun!  It reminds me of the video of the first recorded IT specialist at work that I posted a couple of weeks ago.  Before I go read it through again, I'll tell you I rated the book 10 of 10.
Added at 9:45 a.m. ~ My friend Donna found this video book trailer online, and it does NOT say that last word!  It's only a minute long, so go ahead — watch it.

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Wanda Horn said...

Bonnie, I enjoyed meeting you at the Christmas party, and I just spent a few very pleasant moment scanning your blog. What a wonder4ful world we have in books!