Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's a thinking problem

More examples, from me:
a cat, but not a bird
a cup, but not a bottle
eight, but not five
a phone, but not a computer
waking, but not walking
a toy, but not a book
Not a book!  What could possibly make me say such a thing?  Can you see the pattern?  What's going on here?  Comment by giving me an example a correct answer to fit this pattern.
a ___________, but not a __________
This kind of problem makes me think outside the box.  Schulz had a great way of looking at thinking problems.


Dana Pitely said...

All the ones on the left - the 3, the penny, the 7 and the fox - are all smaller (incrementally) than the ones on the right - the 4, the dime, the 12 and the wolf.

a dollar, but not a euro
a car, but not a bus
a train, but not a track
a woman, but not a man (that's a joke, but not a punchline) ;)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

But Dana, that doesn't work with these:

fox / wolf
a cat is bigger than a bird (usually)
walking / waking
toy / book (according to what the toy is)

Try again.