Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shelf actualized ~ Sunday Salon

Having found this set of bookshelf letters on Cipriano's blog, along with the idea of being shelf-actualized, I had to share them with you.  I wouldn't know how to shelve my books inside those letters.
"You'll find it in the curve of the D," I'd say.  Or perhaps:  "I think that book is on the cross-bar of the A."
On the right are two sets of my shelving units, six shelves high.  At Friday's party, Donna and I met another woman who used to own a bookstore (I didn't get a photo of her), who talked about having "a couple of bookshelves" of books.  I was astounded, as I have six shelving units like these in my bedroom alone.  How many bookshelves do you have at your house?

Two other women at the party also discussed books with me.  One asked if I have a Kindle, as she would be able to share her copy of a book with me.  The woman sitting at her table has a Nook, but I have neither, having chosen (so far) to read my books the old-fashioned way.  What do you folks think about e-readers and e-books?


We celebrated Jaxon's first birthday Saturday, at the firehall.  His daddy, who is my grandson, is a fireman.  His grandfather on his mother's side of the family is the fire chief, so lots of connection to this firehall.

Children got to ride in the fire truck, shown returning after one of the trips around the neighborhood.  Sirens were heard, but only in the area around the firehall itself.  The children came back all excited and another group would climb aboard.  Here are four generations, though not all of us who were present are in this picture.

Left to right are my daughter holding her granddaughter Raegan, me standing, my son holding his grandson Jaxon, my son's wife, and their son looking at his "big" boy.  The blonde back by the Coke machine is Jaxon's mother.  Jaxon kept reaching for his granddad, and my son always seems happy to hold him.  The children (and some of us childish adults) wore red plastic fireman's hats.

Two more of my grandchildren:  Kenzie and Cali.  Kenzie is Raegan's mommy.  I'm reading a book about twins this weekend, reminding me that these cousins are actually half-sisters, because their mothers (my daughters) are identical twins.  I have an interesting family.

This evening, I attended Cady's dance recital and went out to eat with the family afterwards.  Wearing her stage makeup, Cady looks older than her eleven years.  It was a busy day!

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Helen's Book Blog said...

You know I love a dance recital! And a Birthday party at a firehouse? It's so much fun. I have fewer bookshelves than I would have expected of me, but I realize working in a library means I really have TONS of bookshelves, they just aren't in my house :-)