Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thirteenth hour (12:00-1:00 a.m. EDT) ~ REPORT

Title of book(s) I've been reading this hour (hourly # of pages):
..... Forgive Me ~ by Amanda Eyre Ward (26 pages)
..... Total pages this hour = 26 pages

Books I've read (or dipped into) since I started (total # of pages):
..... A Three Dog Life ~ by Abigail Thomas (182 pages)
..... Big Woods ("The Bear") ~ by William Faulkner (15 pages)
..... Memories, Dreams, Reflections ~ by Carl Jung (12 pages)
..... Rules Are Rules ~ by Julie Scandora (32 pages)
..... Forgive Me ~ by Amanda Eyre Ward (99 pages)
..... Total pages today = 340 pages

Comments about this hour:
..... The water's running for a warm bath to soak my weary bones and read awhile.

Time spent reading since my last post (and collectively):
..... 30 minutes (310 minutes = 5 hours + 40 minutes)

Other participants I've visited this hour:
..... Bybee, who is hosting the upcoming mini-challenge

Mini-challenge for the upcoming (14th) hour:
Bybee is hosting How much do you know about Korea?
The person who can list the most facts (trivial or otherwise) about the interesting peninsula upon which I now live and work will win a copy of the novella pictured above.

An Appointment With My Brother is the story of a South Korean man whose father abandoned the family, defected to North Korea for ideological reasons, and started a new family there. Upon the father's death many years later, the South Korean man meets his North Korean half-brother for the first time.

Leave your answers in the Comments section; you have until the end of the Readathon. This contest is open to all Readathon participants. Good luck!
Since I have a friend currently working in South Korea, I'll take on this challenge! The list will come a bit later, however, because I want to keep reading.


Vasilly said...

You're doing great. Good night!

Unknown said...

Careful about falling asleep in the tub. ;-)